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About Charivari Restaurant

Charivari Restaurant Has Been Recognized For Excellence By Zagat Survey With 29 Points For Food.

Chef Johann Schuster was born in Transylvania, Romania and at an early age of fourteen started his training at the Culinary Institute of Hermanstadt to later become a chef in some of Europe?s finest restaurants. After years of preparation and training in the culinary arts, Johann traveled to Germany where he met his wife "Irmgard-Maria". They opened their first restaurant in the beautiful Black Forest and spent ten years building the restaurant into an award winning place to dine.


In 1997 Johann made his first trip to Houston. He spent a short time here but quickly realized that Houston is a city that would open its heart to the quality and style of food that he so loved preparing. Johann returned to Germany and he and Irmgard-Maria started planning their move to the United States. Their journey began almost two years later.


The next two years were spent learning about and becoming familiar with Texas and Houston in particular. After much research and planning they were ready to open what is now known as the "Charivari Restaurant". (Charivari is a French word for "beautiful good mix"). With the opening of their new restaurant, Chef Schuster plans to bring Houston food that is sure to please the palate of the ever-growing gourmand society.