Chef Schuster



Trio of my Stars, I miss them, but will see my friends and Students by end of the month. I'm happy to offer some of my time to this wonderful people! Down Síndrome Students are very excited about cooking or kitchen work they are very receptive, talented and paying attention to detail. I am enjoying teaching them, especially when it comes to the resolution that one of them became a cook in a restaurant outside the Down Síndrome Institute. I am very happy with them together by this huge achievement, the results talk for themselves, therefore please don't look away or leave them alone, because with a little Love and conversation there is hope for our sindromedown Friends ! I am very happy to work with this Institution "Paradiso down in the beautiful country of Elsalvador , San Salvador! Thank you to the directory of the project and there hard work to make it a better place for the young Down Síndrome Students of El Salvador! See you soon! Master - Chef, Johann Schuster

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