Oh To Have The Life Of A Cow… Slowly But Searly Cooked Wagyu VS Kobe Beef, and what all the fuss is about

“Ooohhh kobe beef” some say when browsing a menu. However, most just know this delicacy from word of mouth and don’t have the knowledge to justify their Oohh’s and Ahh’s. So here we are to give you the skinny on this fatty beef, and the difference between kobe and wagyu.

The Difference You’re Getting Wrong
No, kobe beef does not come from Kobe Bryant’s back yard. Kobe is actually a region in Japan (who knew?), and wagyu is the actual breed of cattle from Kobe:
Wa: Japanese Style
Gyu: Cow.

Wagyu even has its own quality scoring process. The Japanese Meat Quality Score is based on marbling, color/brightness, firmness/texture, and fat luster. Yeah- Japan is serious about their meat. And that’s not where is stops. They even have a Beef Marbling Standard or BMS to score the amount of intramuscular flecks of fat. They literally have it down to a science.

How They’re Raised
Some may be turned off by the fact that it’s marbleized with fat, but no fear! The fat procured is not the “bad fat” we all try to avoid. This bad fat comes into play when cortisol is released in the body, aka when you’re stressed. These animals, however, are bred with a stress-free life, even getting massages on a regular basis! I know, I’m jealous too. The fat in wagyu is nutrient-rich with unsaturated fats and good cholesterol. Unlike the beef you get from your local grocer, these cows are raised and treated with care and love. Their meals consist of nothing but the best- all organic and grass fed. Even most humans don’t get this kind of treatment!

How They’re Cooked: Slowly, Seared and Sealed
There is no barbecue grilling for this delicacy! In fact, this meat never has direct contact with fire. Seared slowly on a griddle or pan, Chef Johann is sure to not scare this perfectly raised meat. Instead, Wagyu is cooked on a pan or griddle, which helps seal in the juices.

And Oh When You Take The First Bite…
Queue the oooh’s and ahhh’s.
If you haven’t gathered, Wagyu is not your typical steak. It’s a melt-in-your-mouth experience, not a chew-for-several-minutes meat. The marbleizing literally softens and melts when cooked, giving that oh so lovely taste. Bon Appétit!