Sliders Done The

It can be an amazing experience when a classically-trained European chef takes on an American tradition, such as the "Slider" — so evocatively named, so difficult to raise to an art. But, in his usual fashion, Chef Johann Schuster of Charivari Restaurant brings a host of high quality ingredients together in an unusual combination that makes you think you have died and gone to a "dining heaven." Last week's Business Lunch showed Friday's offering to be "Wagyu Beef Sliders with Rocoto Sauce and Home-made Chili Marmalade, with Sweet Potato Fries." This was more than enough to intrigue me, but tasting this dish was incredible. Each petite toasted bun was filled with a plump meat patty of delicious, hot beef. Inside the bun was a small amount of the rocoto sauce, fashioned by the chef from the delicious Peruvian rocoto peppers grown in the Andes mountains. This slightly hot sauce was just the touch to wake up the taste buds without starting an all-out fire alarm. Thus, the taste of the excellent beef was still allowed to be prominent. The home-made chili marmalade complimented the piping hot beef on the seeded roll. As if this wasn't enough, the crisp sweet potato fries reminded me of the way sweet potato fries are in my dreams — with the heady potato taste clear and not obscured by rancid oil or heavy paprika-type seasonings. So, if you can sign up for the weekly email, please do. Then watch for Chef Schuster's amazing renditions of American stand-bys, like his inspired rendition of Sliders. And, if you see the Beef Sliders on the menu, you're going to have to stand in line for a table...

- Sarah Cortez