LOROCO Fresh Diamond
The unique and new gourmet Flavor
An exotic, aromatic and fully taste of Loroco for the best gourmet cuisine

Loroco is a delicious exotic flower, native of El Salvador and cultivated in its sunny valleys…

Properties of Loroco Flower:
This natural aphrodisiac product contains vitamins A, B and C, besides calcium and iron. It is rich in fiber, all of this nutritional information is backed by two analytical reports prepared by "Instituto de Nutricion de Centro America y Panama" I.N.C.A.P.(Nutritional Institute of Central America and Panama). This product consist of the flower of the Loroco, which are very aromatic and pulpous besides, it is low in calories (only have 32 in 100gr). Loroco has more nourishing properties in the nourishing composition table witch shows that 100gr of Loroco flowers have 89.3 gr of water.

Nutrition Facts:

  • 100 g of loroco have 89.3 gr of water
  • 2.6 g of protein
  • 6.7 g of carb
  • 58 mg of calcium
  • 46 mg of phosphorus
  • 1.02 mg of iron
  • 0.343 g of tiamina
  • 0.343 g of nitrogen
  • 0.102 mg of rivoflavina
  • 2.30 mg of niacina
Thanks to the fiber, it also has a spasmodic properties, which act like a relaxing component.

Due to its delicious aroma, good taste and nutricional value, Loroco considered of excellent benefit to the high gourmet cuisine.

The freshness of an Ingredient awakens my creativity for simple, straightforward cooking.
I am excited to share that with my customer.

Executive Chef Johann Schuster