Weekly Lunch Specials

Lunch Specials


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Lunch 11am - 2pm
Daily Special = Soup & Main Course $ 12.50
Business Lunch = Salad, Main Course & Dessert $ 18.50

Monday 1/15
Daily Special:
Gog au Vin
A coq au vin is a classic French stew in which chicken is braised slowly in red wine
Business Lunch:
Wagyu Beef Burger
Black Garlic Butter topped, sautéed Peruvian red Onions Rings on Brioche Ban

Tuesday 1/16
Daily Special:
Vienna Style Meatloaf
with pan fried Egg, Vegetable & Mashed Potatoes
Business Lunch:
Costeleta a la parmesana
Parmesan coated Pork Chop

Wednesday 1/17
Daily Special:
White Fish Fillet
Over Brussels sprout Julienne, parsley steamed Potatoes
Business Lunch:
Broiled Scallops
Over Wild Mushroom Risotto

Thursday 1/18
Daily Special:
Pan fried Frog Legs
Provencal Style & Pilaf Rice
Business Lunch:
Smoked Berkshire Pork Chop
Potato Pan cake & Apple Sauce

Friday 1/19
Daily Special:
Salmon aux Gratin
Over Brussels sprout Julienne & Freekeh Risotto
Business Lunch:
Red Snapper Filet
Caper Sauce & Wild Rice Pilaf


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